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Welcome to the Virtual Tour of Asbury Park!

This site is put together for the purpose for people to enjoy Asbury Park in it's heyday. I enjoyed many summers in Ocean Grove, just south of Asbury Park. I have some wonderful memories going to the Palace and the Casino as well as other spots in Asbury Park during my summers in the early seventies through the today.

Just click on any of the destinations above and you will find links to some of Asbury Park's most beautiful treasures. Most of the images are either photographs or postcards. I welcome and encourage people to send their scanned images or postcards so all can see this beautiful seashore town. Just scan your image, send it to, and I will put it on this website. This website can only grow with your help. Thanks for visiting!

Current News

Save the Palace Amusements!

As some of you may know, The Palace Amusements may be razed due to the condition of the building due to a partial cave in of the ceiling in the auto scooter section of the Palace. I am very distressed about the news I and hope the Palace Amusements can be saved. If it is decided that the Palace will be torn down, then at least the Face of Tilly, the clown face on the side of the Palace, will be preserved thanks to the efforts of Asbury Park Mayor Kenneth "Butch" Saunders, along with representatives of the Asbury Park Historical Society and the Save Tillie Campaign.

For more information regarding the Palace Amusements, click here for the full story.

Luckily, the Palace ferris wheel was saved recently by a gentleman named William Sitar. He owns the Twin Brook Golf Center. I am very happy that this particuliar ride was saved. I usesd to ride it almost everyday during the summer. For more info on the famous ferris wheel, click here for this story and don't forget to visit The Ferris Wheel Chronicles.